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Job Oriented Practical Training Workshops

Students/Professionals from any stream are facing challenges to stay relevant with the current global technology inspired and dependent world. Moreover the continuous development of new technology and its adoption by the industry and in daily lives makes it imperative for every person and especially students to update themselves with current trends in the industry and relevant technologies.

The failure to adapt self beyond the curriculum with relevant practical tools of technology at any work place is a sure path to failure in career. Moreover, by the level of standards increased due to technology for the entry in the professional world, the challenges for getting a work opportunity in desired field reduce to great extent.

We offer 3 Practical Training Workshops to students/jobseekers from all streams to explore the technology inspired programs to help align to the needs of the current professional world.

1. Zero Cost Digital Marketing

2. Zero Cost Digital Recruitment

3. Effective performance in Interview & Selection process

The Training workshops designed are a result of deliberate and focused effort towards finding cost effective yet highly effective solutions faced by all business and the professionals working in it. Hence, the focus of the workshops is towards creating solutions equipped personnel for offering their skills and knowledge to the organisations. Also, these workshops offer a less explored area of Self Employment and Entrepreneurship.

About the Workshops:

1. Zero Cost Digital Marketing

The digital marketing field is an upcoming and highly lucrative for making a modern career globally. The applications of Digital marketing are required right from an individual searching a job or running a small business to large corporations and even part-time professions.

We have compiled a course offering the latest techniques used in the field with a unique feature of utilising all the free tools, techniques and platforms. This feature of the program offers a competitive edge to the person who acquires theses skills, as the digital marketing by itself may be effective yet it requires sizable expenditure normally to implement it. We have extensively researched and developed techniques and methods to utilise all the free of cost methods to implement the digital marketing tasks. The tools and techniques are the same mostly used by main stream industry added to it is the smart ways of utilising them for Zero Cost!

2. Zero Cost Digital Recruitment

The recruitment industry and the recruitment function in the organisations have seen a fast shift towards using technology for various tasks required in the complex process of recruitment.

Traditional methods like newspaper advertisements and job portal advertisement are still used yet are now being replaced very fast with the use of social media and online tools and services. The Zero cost digital recruitment program offers a unique benefit of combination of all online and digital resources currently used along with extensively researched free resources and techniques to use advance tools in zero cost manner. This offers an opportunity for the recruitment process to be done effectively yet while saving huge expenditures.

A systematic course where few digital marketing techniques combined with systematic organisation of a sustainable and Zero cost recruitment is designed and imparted in this course.

3. Effective performance in Interview & Selection process

This program caters to one of the most critical elements of career path for any individual in the process of finding suitable employment for self. In this program we offer an experience to participants along with the guidance to explore the process of getting a job to sucessfully landing in a suitable one. The features of the program that participants are offered are:

  • Place to search jobs
  • Own personality and aptitude with relevance to Job Roles
  • Steps in selection process and employer expectations
  • Exhibiting the true and effective self for successfully going through the selection process.
  • Preparing for basic requirements to apply for Job by creating variety of CVs/Resumes, Online Profiles and self preparation for interaction in personal interview.

This program is unique in its way of execution as it combines the dynamics of recruitment process from the job seeker and job providers perspectives. The program also is activity based and interactive combined with useful practical interactions and theory input making it a complete learning experience.

We are keen to offer these meticulously designed practical training workshops to assist in building successful career to all the participants.

Placement Support with workshops:

We are a training and recruitment organisation with associations with industries from multiple sectors for their training and recruitment needs. This foundation and a focused effort in promoting the participants of any of the workshops within industry to apply their skills learned an Internship and Job Placement assistance shall be offered.

Formats of Delivery:

We offer the all the 2 workshops in 2 formats:

Classroom Sessions

Online Sessions

Options of attending the course.

The courses are 16 hours and 8 hours of actual delivery.

We offer 2 options for attending the course.

a. 8 hours per day workshops

b. 2-3 hours sessions divided over a period of sessions.

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