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Zero Cost Digital Recruitment!

Using Online & Social Media platforms

Advance Solution for Online Recruitment!

It is almost obvious today that online communication is indispensable for recruitment process.

The reason being a huge global and local audience is connected with internet and the social media within it in some or the other way!

Lots of efforts are put to become visible to this audience moreover in a methodic way where the message to be communicated reaches suitable viewers.

The internet may seem a platform with unlimited possibilities yet generally, there a few definite limitations for everyone to explore and reach out the desired viewers.

Practical limitations that a recruiter faces are:

· Number of emails you can send from a free account on gmail, hotmail, yahoo, AOL etc.

· Number of posts you can promote on facebook, linkedIn groups

· The limitations of budget for advertising, outsourcing online Job Adverstisng and organic promotion tasks.

· Time consumed in posting advertisements on free advertising websites especially free Jobs & classified ads submission websites.

Available Solutions

In order to break the barrier of the limitations posed by the internet based platforms there are some solutions available as:

· Mass/Bulk email services

· Social tasks automation services and softwares

· Premium services and softwares for video creation and promotion

· Services and agencies for recruitment outsourcing

· Low cost Advertising options linked with organic promotion

· Classified Ads Posting Services and softwares

· Application Tracking Systems

The challenges and their answers have been well integrated offering the services and products providers a good option for up selling. Viz. They offer effective solutions on opting for the premium paid services offered for each of the above mentioned tasks.

The Advance Challenges

Once one starts using any of the mentioned solutions to minimise expenditure and increase exposure of online promotion activities some new challenges come forth as:

· Most important challenge is the overall Increase in the minimum expenditure for Online recruitment activities.

· Increase in Expenditure on employment of specialised persons with knowledge of using advanced tools and techniques for online recruitment.

The Advance Solutions

The Solutions to the advanced challenges posed by the use of solutions to optimise Online recruitment activities revolve around; More research and intricate planning for finding free substitutes and using existing free options in a very effective manner as:

Researching the options for higher limits of Free Mass/ Bulk email services and using them effectively to the limit of upgrading to paid options. Availing for more than such services providers and organising the campaigns to stay free of cost.

Using free methods and free to public services for integration of social media promotion activities.

Using free memberships of sophisticated services for social media automation services systematically.

Using public domain softwares and services for online video creation and promotion.

Creating and promoting quality content to increase the search engine optimization using simple and free techniques.

Using free or most economical tools and techniques for implementing classified ad campaigns.

The Real Questions

· Can this be done?

· Does it work as effectively as a minimum budget currently required for online Jobs Adversting campaign?

· Can it be really Zero Cost?

· Can this be learnt?

The Real Answers

· Yes! It can and is done by lots of people and organisations. Many people/marketing/Recruitment teams are either using one or some of the techniques in their online marketing campaigns. Some are utilising all the techniques together and saving lots of online marketing Expenditure.

· The effectiveness of the free techniques is more or less the same or more at times as the same audience is reached without spending money giving a tremendous return on invest to the efforts and resources employed.

· Yes surely it can be done at zero cost! The only expense may be man-hours spent on working on computer and the internet /electricity expenses. Once the systems are in place there is no need for expenditure unless chosen to upgrade or for some systems no need for that too once the free tools are found.

· Yes all this can be learnt very easily for a person even with basic exposure to use of internet and computers. We offer a Practical Training Programmme where all the techniques and tools are taught in live practical manner compiled together with most of the available tricks and tips for doing free online marketing from small to large scale.

Practical Training Programme on:

Zero Cost Digital Recruitment!

Using Online & Social Media platforms

Advance Solution for Online Recruitment!

Learn to use all tools and techniques available for zero cost recruitment to promote jobs within thousands and millions of audience.

Featured Program Content:

 Free Mass Email campaigns ( To thousands and millions )

 Free Social Media campaigns (In hundreds/thousands of groups and communities)

 Free Classified Advertising campaigns ( in hundreds/thousands of sites)

What will you learn?

 To Send free of cost emails to more than 1 lac people

 To Post unlimited posts to hundreds of facebook groups, Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups and more.

 To Post Advertisements to thousands of Free Advertising Sites.

 To automate the tasks and schedule them for future.

 Lots of Tips and Tricks required for the trade!

Freebies with the course to help you in all the tasks

· Free lists thousands of classified & Job posting websites across India.

· Free Mass email services list

· Free database in lacs and database services list.

· List of large audience social media groups and communities useful for recruitment

Sounds Useful &Interesting?

Enroll for 2 Day Practical Training Workshop on:

Zero Cost Recruitment!

Online & Social Media Recruitment Training

Fees: - Rs 4000/-

Contact us at:,

Social Media & Online Recruitment Certificate Workshop

We at sustainable solutions strive to offer services and programs aiming towards the solutions for critical needs of individuals, processes and business.

This certificate course in “Social Media & Online Recruitment” is one more of our program, specially designed to cater to the current needs of industry changing with online and social media usage each day.

The course offers participants from HR fraternity, management students and all aspirants who wish to work in the field of recruitment, the required skills in the current market to start a career in recruitment. A set of well researched tools and modern techniques tested and validated in real recruitment process currently.

The scope of the course allows the participants to explore the practical elements of recruitment and especially the use of social media & Online Platforms purposefully for recruitment and talent search.

The participants would be able to apply these skills at their own organisations or can find themselves equipped to apply for job as recruiters. This course is not just a certificate, it allows the participant to hone and implement the skills successfully through its process of project submission as a part of the workshop.

A hands-on experience during the project and techniques of social media recruitment during the workshop shall be very useful for every participant.

The features inherent to the course module shall allow participants to save time and expenses. Otherwise spent in large number, making recruitment a cost effective and dynamic activity in an organisation.

The course is also for people who wish to work on their own in recruitment field. The option for the course participant after successful completion is to work as a freelance recruiter with any recruitment consulting firm or for specific organizations.

This possibility is very high as the course empowers the participant to apply the skills of social media recruitment towards successful recruitment of required talent.



Online Recruitment Internship


Certificate Workshop in Social Media & Online Recruitment


This initiative is an extension of the certificate course in social media recruitment to promote the knowledge within people / students with no prior experience in the recruitment industry.

In a way this program offers the participants to work with guidance post workshop, during the internship and allows gaining a certificate for internship and course certificate.

We recommend this program especially for management students opting for ‘Human Resource’ specialization or any person Interested in learning Online & Social Media Recruitment.

This shall add immense knowledge and practical value for students and make them job ready by the end of the internship (Duration- 3 months).

Salient Features of the:

Online Internship in Recruitment


Certificate Course in Social Media & Online Recruitment


A)  The current work structure based on non- office and office based jobs in online form, are an experience which we are simulating through the online mode of internship. This shall not only make the intern acquainted with online work structure, it shall also allow more flexibility, and offering a self-working exposure with use of internet technology.


B)  The program offers guidance to students and offers online support for day to day tasks in recruitment project.


C)  This program is hosted by ‘Sustainable Solutions’ hence, the intern shall be offered exposure to working on real recruitment requirements with us. Consequently, any useful work contribution shall be acknowledged with monetary incentives.


This simulates the actual working structure in recruitment industry today. The incentive shall vary as per ongoing assignment for candidate requirements across India.


D)  A combined certificate post completion of the course and internship (3 months) shall add good value to the credentials of the participant.  Also, the Intern gets to exhibit the practical exposure and implementing skills received during complete internship program. 

We recommend this course to be offered to students during any time of the year or for internship project exposure required by students to have in the curriculum.

This Internship is available to general public too, interested to learn Online and Social Media Recruitment. 

Workshop Duration: 2 days + Online Internship: 3 months

Course Fees: - Rs 4000/-

Batches: Once each month for 2 days (Saturday & Sunday)

For Enquiry and Registration Contact: